Zino Platinum Z-Class Series 654 T $228.6

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Zino Platinum Z-Class Series 654 T
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Manufacturer: Zino Platinum Z-Class Series
Category: Zino Platinum Z-Class Series
Retail Price: $254
Zino Platinum cigars are a staple in many collections throughout the world. Why? For one simple reason: perfection. Inspired by the aficionado’s “fast-paced affluent lifestyle � the Z Class Series is the third and strongest bodied cigar line by the master craftsmen at Zino. To create this extraordinary masterpiece Zino has crafted a delicious blend from tobaccos found in multiple South American countries. The interior is comprised of a Nicaraguan Honduran and Dominican filler combination while a Peruvian binder and Dominican wrapper truly set this gem apart. The rich luscious result is a creamy smoke with sophisticated flavors of roasted nuts spices and cedar. The Zino Platinum Z Class never – ever – gets dull and will be absolutely relished by the most seasoned smokers and cigar enthusiasts out there. Reward your palate and find some of the best prices order online with JR Cigars.