Zermatt Swiss Ladies Watch $179

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $399
Reach new heights of luxury In Switzerland, there are few flowers more precious than the edelweiss. According to Alpine folklore, the fuzzy white bloom was considered the ultimate expression of love. But in order to bestow one on your beloved, you had to fetch the rare mountain flower where it grew´┐Ż thousands of feet up in the treacherous Alps. On a recent trip to Zermatt, my wife was more than happy to settle for a bundle of blue Bavarian Gentia that I picked from a nearby trail. They were just as lovely and not nearly as dangerous to obtain. But flowers aren’t the only treasure to be found in the Swiss Alps. Hidden among those snow-covered peaks are the workshops that gave birth to the legend of Swiss-Made timepieces. It’s where the finest watches and movements in the world are still made. Our stunning Swiss-Made Zermatt Ladies Watch features a precision Swiss movement inside an elegant stainless steel case. The soft hues of the dial capture the breathtaking colors of a clear Swiss sky and the soft blue blossoms that grow wild on the mountainsides. Slip it on and you’ll find that the gleaming steel band feels like a dream on your wrist. Function, style, and comfort are exactly what you expect when you become the owner of a fine, Swiss-Made timepiece. But what comes as a surprise is how affordable it is to join the club. Only Stauer can deliver such a well-bred watch for such a remarkable price. Fresh from the Alps, we picked it just for you.