Zambian Emerald Mist Necklace $149

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How to tame wild African emeralds Discover our Emerald Mist Necklace � a stunning 70 carats of Zambian emeralds! In 1855, Stanley Livingstone was the first European to gaze upon Africas stunning Victoria Falls. He knew instantly that hed made an incredible discovery… but he never dreamed of the hidden beauty that would be discovered under the Zambian ground over a century later � a magnificent, precious secret weve crafted into our primal and elegant Emerald Mist Collection. For more than five hundred years, Colombia was the main source for the worlds finest emeralds. But things changed in the 1970s, when emeralds were discovered in Zambia half a world away � emeralds that are stronger and more durable than their Colombian cousins, and have fewer inclusions. Much like the smooth pebbles found at the base of Victoria Falls, the Zambian emeralds in our Emerald Mist Necklace are tumble-polished to a glossy sheen. The 70-carat Emerald Mist Necklace is raw and primitive � perfect for a woman who wants to show off her wild side � and each raw gemstone is unique with its own naturally-rounded shape and vivid hues as bright green as the foliage of the African jungle. Bring home this lush green dream of African beauty today!