Wicket Ewok 4 $12.9900

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Wicket Ewok 4
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Underground Toys
Category: Gifts > Licensed / Theme Gifts > Star Wars Gifts > Star Wars Toys > Star Wars Plush
Wicket will be the first to tell you that big things can come in small packages. Actually, he’ll probably just say, “yub yub” if you try talking to him, but that’s far from the point here. The real deal here, is that despite being small in size, this little guy and his Ewok buddies took down a bunch of fully armed Stormtroopers and saved the Rebel Alliance from being crushed by the Empire! Now, you can bring him anywhere you go, just in case you run into Stormtroopers or you find a shield generator that needs destroying. Just whip out your trusty Wicket keychain, give him a squeeze and listen to him say, “Uwat, chia fenga hatta” or something of that nature. When he does that, it pretty much takes care of any Stormtroopers and shield generators in the area.