Walrus Ivory Knife $5895

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Walrus Ivory Knife - 26802OB
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $5895
Damascus steels the show Limited Quantities: Only 1 knife in stock per style! My friend is a man’s man who crafts knives out of everything from stone, mother of pearl, ivory, and even bone�and now he’s produced a selection of one-of-a-kind custom knives for the most discerning Stauer customer like you. He channels the long-lost process of Damascus Steel, where several layers of various steel is stacked, heated, and forged, to create resilient blades�and partners them with handles crafted by hand. These aren’t just well honed cutting instruments: these knives are finely crafted, “cutting edge” works of art, and we’re selling them to you for a discount � you’ll be lucky if this knife lasts a day! �Nowhere else can you pick up a one-of-a-kind Mammoth Ivory Damascus, Elephant Ivory, or Mother of Pearl Damascus knife for that much of a discount! We only have 8 individual knives in our damascus collection; once they’re gone, they’re gone! Finely-made knives are works of art unto themselves, and something not every man has in his collection. The blades are finely honed and the handles finely crafted to give you a museum piece that calls back to the days of the big game hunter; the included black leather sheath gives you a rugged and safe way to display them. Whether you’ve tracked down big game or hit the big time, nothing says achievement like one of these knives. But it’s a statement you’ll miss if you don’t ACT NOW, since this is the only chance to own one of these beautiful knives!