A beautiful Autumn Sunday in Moncton and a perfect day for a nice long walk to take some pictures. There are a lot of colour changes waiting to be photographed.

Glad I went early just after 8 because not long after I got back home the clouds got dark and then it rained although still very mild.

I started my day by going outside at about 5am and checking to see if I could see the moon through the clouds. I did see it enough to get a couple of pictures.

My camera wouldn’t focus both the clouds and the moon so I took one picture and the moon was just a white circle so I zoomed in on the moon and took a second shot with the moon in focus. The when I got home I used Xara Graphics software to cut the moon out of one image and paste it into the other image. I just resized it. Here is the first and second image.

A fun and fairly easy project.

The sunrise the last two mornings have been pretty cool as both days the sun was lined up witha straight stretch of Mountain round that comes right up past where we live. For a few minutes both day it sunlight turned to gold and a special glow to things.

The sun was exactly straight ahead a most blinding site. My thought for today was to walk down to the Moncton City Hospital area where there are best shrubs in from of houses.

I walked as far as I wanted to go and took some pictures from there. The spot was were the picture on the left was taken. Then I started to zoom in on the Autumn colours off in the distance.

I got right out in the middle of the street after checking both ways of course and then with every click I looked behind me to be sure nothing was coming. I had to move off the street a couple of times but didn’t hold up any traffic. Sunday morning in Moncton isn’t very busy.

a few miles away

This is a similar scene to what we had when we went to the zoo a few weeks ago. The colours and hitting their peak and a lot of trees have already lost a lot of leaves. That was one of the main reasons I took a walk today.