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See your love through the looking glass Our Voyager Locket puts your romantic expression on display! We created our new Voyager Locket Necklace to expand horizons, to explore beauty, and to celebrate creativity. Our Voyager Locket is really three necklaces in one… and can become as many as you can imagine. It’s a necklace as unique as she is, and just as creative. Pop open the 30mm glass locket, circled with glittering crystals, and insert one of three centerpieces. The classic sun design looks back at Renaissance paintings and incorporates the stellar motif into a whorl of sunlight. The iridescent Mother of Pearl centerpiece gleams with the pastel colors of a distant nebula. The crystal pav´┐Ż disc shimmers with reflected light, like a galaxy of stars. Each round centerpiece is finished with gold, and the locket comes with an elegant round snake chain. And if you’re the creative type, you’re free to create your own centerpieces to personalize the pendant. Round pieces 4/5″ wide 1/5″ deep will fit in the locket, displaying your creativity, your artistic abilities, or your favorite photos of the people you love. Long ago, Voyager I left our system and is hurtling through the unknown vastness of interstellar space at the rate of 325 million miles per year. Our Voyager Locket Necklace lets you keep precious things closer to home (and your heart) and our unique 3-in-1 necklace can take your creativity into the infinite.