Vesna Chrome Diopside Ring $299

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The ultimate icebreaker There is a secret buried beneath the vast frozen tundra of Siberia. A national treasure that remains locked away for nine months of every year by temperatures as low as negative 70�. But when the weather finally warms up and miners can dig deep beneath the ice, a wealth of glowing green gemstones known as chrome diopside is uncovered. The vivid green stones were once Russias best kept secret, and didnt migrate west until the fall of Communism in the late 1980s. But even now they are hard to come by because of the impenetrable Siberian ice that conceals them most of the year. We were lucky enough to get our hands on some of these once-inaccessible green beauties, and present them to you in the Vesna Ring. The Vesna (Russian for spring) boasts two dozen dazzling green chrome diopside rounds set in gleaming .925 sterling silver. And while these verdant beauties are also known as Russian emeralds, chrome diopside stones are in fact greener than their more famous cousins and twice as refractive, meaning double the dazzle.