Versailles Earrings $39

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $59
Kings collectible finds a home at Stauer Louis XIV liked the finer things in life, which must be why the majestically layered colors of agate caught the famous French king’s eye. The Stauer Versailles Earrings feature elegant stones of enhanced agate, prominently displaying the unique layering in beautiful shades of eye-catching blue that make agate so valuable and desirable. Your own personal agate collection complimented by tourmaline stones in various shades of blue, cultured freshwater pearls as well as elegant crystals. All told, the Versailles Earrings delivers a combined 35-carats of courtly luxury. And though Louis XIV spent a fortune on his lavish lifestyle, the Stauer Versailles Earrings are available for a reasonable price for pieces of royally approved luxury.