Verre Bracelet $39

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Bracelets
Retail Price: $79
The gift with a secret The Verre Bracelet recreates nature’s most lustrous luxury… one spectacular sphere at a time We apologize in advance, because this bracelet is going to get you in trouble. She always told you, “;don’t spend too much,”; and she meant it. The last thing she wants you to do is empty your bank account. But you want to get her something that looks luxurious. So we’ve found a way to square that circle. We may have done our job a little too well. One look at the Verre Bracelet and she’s going to think you spent a fortune. Our Verre Bracelet delivers the look and feel of the highest quality organic pearls for a fraction of the price. The rare shape and shimmer of a perfectly grown pearl has been a symbol of wealth and sophistication for centuries. But skyrocketing prices of the natural gem forced artisans in Ancient Rome to rely on ingenuity to craft an affordable alternative. The results became famous worldwide after the master glass artists of Venice perfected their secret formula and the first “;Roman pearl”; jewelry debuted on the most stylish women of Europe. Advances in technology have made these man-made, opulent orbs look even more impressive and we just secured a deal to bring them to you for a historic price! Today you can bring home the rich look of the Verre Bracelet for our exclusive Stauer price. That’s a whole lot of luxury for less… much less. Give it as a gift and she’s going to say you shouldn’t have, and only you’re going to know that you didn’t.