Vermilia Amethyst & DiamondAura Complete Collection $299

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How to make a first impression last forever A magnificent mosaic of vivid violet that combines genuine African amethyst with the scarlet sparkle of science! Van Gogh had a knack for yellow. Picasso had his blue period. But the jewelry artists behind our Vermilia Collection found inspiration in the sumptuous scarlets and rich purples of Georges Seurat. Using a rose gold-finished .925 sterling silver setting as a canvas, they have crafted a mosaic of genuine Madagascar amethyst and scarlet-colored, lab-created DiamondAura that reverberates with life and light. You can see inspiration from Seurat’s “;pointillism”; technique, which used dots and patterns of pure color to create forms. In the art world at the end of the 19th century, his work caused an outrage, but in the Vermilia Collection the arrangement is sublime. The Vermilia Necklace features a pendant with almost 4-carats of faceted, translucent sparkle. A stunning DiamondAura solitaire connects the pendant to the brilliant purple bail, which dangles delicately from an 18″ rose gold-finished chain. The matching earrings are equally eye-catching with more than 3 carats in each bouquet of stones. You don’t need to be an art history scholar to appreciate the value of making a beautiful first impression!