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The end of the Renaissance Affair We met in Vienna. I saw her in the museum, alone by the wall. It felt like the start of something beautiful, but of course we were doomed. I was an American businessman. She was a Renaissance painting of Henry VIII’s third wife. It would have never worked out. Painter Hans Holbein captured her with brilliant brushwork and rich colors. But it was her necklace that really caught my eye. When I left, it meant the end of our brief affair. But a version of that pendant come home with me. Our Tudor Pendant & Earrings Set is a museum-worth recreation of a jewelry style popular in the Middle Ages. The necklace features three emerald-cut gemstones in a decorative metalwork setting, layered with 14K yellow gold. The 15-carat ruby, 15-carat emerald and 5-carat garnet sparkle while a dangling white teardrop stands in for the priceless natural pearls worn by English royalty. All of this hangs from an elegant 20″ black silk cord. Much like the wives of Henry VIII, we don’t know how long this beauty will last!