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The rubies that grew on trees Spectacular red stones discovered in Africa and delivered to you He had been on the water for days, lost somewhere between Madagascar and the Mozambique coast.� Pirates had scuttled the Lady Jane, and he had barely survived on a leaky lifeboat. When he finally caught sight of land, he swam for shore, where he staggered into a copse of shady coconut palms. His long thirst was maddening, and he smashed two coconuts together and savored the sweet, cool milk inside. Then something clanked against his teeth. He picked out a crimson ruby, glistening in the sunlight. He cracked open ten more coconuts and drank their milk, then ten more. There were rubies in each! Satiated � and rich! � he fell asleep on the sand. When he woke, hours later, and the rubies had vanished. Only a dream. Or was it? The dream was right, in one way. The wealth of Mozambique is like sweet coconut milk: it’s deep inside the tough shell, waiting for someone to crack it open and cherish the treasure inside. That treasure is the intoxicating Mozambique ruby. They’ve been found in the interior of the country since 1498, but only now are we discovering deep red rubies whose beauty and clarity are beyond those of the world’s traditional sources. Our Tsonga Ruby Ring is an exquisite Mozambique treasure sure to inspire dreams of lush jungles and fiery African sunsets. The Tsonga Ruby Ring gleams with ten richly hued Mozambique rubies, 1 � sparkling carats, set in a .925 sterling silver ring that’s finished with brilliant gold. Order today and let us make your dreams of Africa real with our luxurious Tsonga Ruby Ring.