Tropiflora Bangle $59

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Bracelets
Retail Price: $199
Soothe your barefoot soul Beautiful enameled detail, brilliant spring colors and an artisan look Yes, long winter nights can be romantic. But after a while, you just want to throw off those layers of blankets and silence that roaring fire. Sometimes you just need to kick off those fuzzy socks and sink your toes into the warm sand somewhere far, far away from the polar vortex. Our new Tropiflora Bangle is just the thing to warm your soul with visions of sandy Caribbean vistas and lush jungle flowers. The Tropiflora Bangle is highlighted with a gold finish and brightly painted with high quality enamel to evoke a panorama of bougainvillea, butterflies, wild orchids and jacaranda, woven with green-leaf vines. Hidden artfully amidst the sculpted flowers are glimmering violet and burgundy crystals, adding splashes and flashes of color to a beautiful remembrance of summers past, and summers yet to come. Until you book your next getaway, the Tropiflora Bangle is everything you need to soothe your barefoot soul.