Tropical Midnight Pearl Ring $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
Paradise by moonlight A trio of genuine cultured pearls! She wanted a memento from Bora Bora. Something to remind her of the glittering coral, the fresh-painted sunsets and the impossibly blue lagoons. She wanted a touch of glamour too, a nod to the fancy birthday dinner and that unforgettable bottle of Dom Ruinart. Neither of you will forgot those long, quiet nights by the shore when it seemed like you were the only two people on the planet. She wanted something luxurious and that’s why I chose pearls, rainbow-whirled dollops of light that shine like the full moon on a white sand beach. The ring features a trio of white cultured pearls (7-8mm) and each radiant sphere sits solidly in its own .925 sterling silver cradle. The ornate sterling silver band twinkles with carefully arranged white topaz rounds that glitter like the tropical midnight sky. Every time you wear it, you’ll want to pack your bags.