Trifecta Court Diamond Aura Ring $87.5

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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A royal tradition lives on Before you consider this ring, you should know the truth. It was a king who started this whole business of giving fancy jewelry to our favorite women. Once upon a time wearing diamonds was strictly a masculine hobby. But it was King Charles II who changed the rules back in the 15th century. When the King’s mistress Agnes Sorel strutted into the French palace court wearing a necklace of blazing diamonds, everything changed. Women fell hard for the gorgeous gem and quickly the craze among European ladies became a worldwide obsession. More than 500 years later, the spectacular sparkle of a clear stone still reigns as a luxury ideal. But not everyone can dip into a royal treasury to shower his sweetheart with stunning mined diamonds. That’s where Stauer and science come in. Stauer’s exclusive, lab-created DiamondAura jewelry delivers the more stunning fire and clarity than natural diamonds for a fraction of the price. That means you can bring home the breathtaking sparkle, without the breathtaking price. The Trifecta Court DiamondAura Ring features more than 3 ⅓ carats of precision-faceted DiamondAura rounds arranged in the classic “;trilogy”; and microset into the shoulders of the sterling silver band with elegant silverwork. Once, you could only get the sparkle and fire of a natural diamond under perfect geological conditions. You needed ungodly heat and intense pressure. And then you had to wait a million years for nature to take its course. We knew there had to be a better way. That’s why over the past five years we’ve invested close to $6 million developing the science for recreating the look of natural mined diamonds. Now you get to reap the rewards.