The Big Bang Theory Bobblehead Set - 5 Cast Mates $84.99

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The Big Bang Theory
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Buy all 5 Big Bang Theory Bobbleheads and SAVE! The Big Bang Theory Cast: Sheldon: Get your Big Bang Theory Sheldon Bobblehead before he explodes! Sheldon is one famous science guy. With his DC Comics t-shirt and serious look, the Big Bang Theory Sheldon Bobblehead is a celebration of his passion for precision. Leonard: Leonard’s IQ is 173, though we can’t say the same thing about the Big Bang Theory Leonard Bobble Head. But he tries. This wacky wobbler is an excellent interpretation of the character. You can see his anxiety over Sheldon’s eccentricities bubbling right below the surface. Leonard’s bobble-head stands 6″ tall and just needs a place to call home. Give this genius a break and give him one. Penny: The Big Bang Theory Penny Bobble Head is an excellent interpretation of the normal girl who lives across the hall from those crazy science geniuses, Sheldon and Leonard. She’s the perfect foil for their ridiculously smart characters, patiently waiting until long unnecessary explanations are over so she can get the one-word answer she’s looking for. If you’re the Penny and in a world of Leonards and Sheldons, well then you’ve hit the Motherlode. Howard: The Big Bang Theory Howard Bobblehead is here. Howard fans rejoice! Howard thinks he is something special in the bedroom, but he should really check his delusions at the door. If you like what Howard’s “into” including his head-to-toe coordinated outfits,you’ll love the The Big Bang Theory Howard Bobblehead.