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The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Fan Pack The Big Bang Theory Bazinga! Lunch Box Follow The Big Bang Theorys brilliant physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, as they not only explore how the universe works, but more importantly, how to interact with people especially women. Show youre a fan with this “Bazinga!” Lunch Box Big Bang Theory Bazinga! Keychain Retro pop art accompanies the slogan Sheldon has made famous on this Big Bang Theory Bazinga! keychain. The word bazinga is derived from the word zing which means to fool someone. Sheldon just made it more fun by adding a couple more syllables. Make some mischief of your own in the Big Bang Theory Bazinga! Keychain. The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Wallet If you are as fastidious as Sheldon about your daily routines including how and where you spend your money then The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Wallet is not just a nice to haveits a necessity! Regardless of who youre paying, theyll know when you pull this wallet out (if theyre fans of the show) that the jokes on THEM! Being over-charged for a gallon of milk at a local convenience store? Thats OK. Because this wallet will let the proprietor know that you KNOW theyre doing it!