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World’s most famous diamond returns It’s a wonder that the World’s Most Famous Diamond survived the 20th century. In the hands of its last owner, eccentric millionaire heiress Evalyn Walsh McLean, the 45½-carat deep blue stone was treated more like a fancy plaything than a precious gem. McLean wore it on rollercoasters, while swimming and when doing yard work. She hid it underneath couch cushions and from time-to-time, even kept it inside her toaster! These days, the World’s Most Famous Diamond is resting comfortably as the star stone at a museum in the nation’s capital. Even though the spectacular deep blue gem attracts six million visitors a year, it looks terribly lonely stuck behind that 3-inch bulletproof glass. Jewelry that spectacular was meant to be worn. It belongs on the neck of a beautiful woman. So we set it free. Science recreates a legend of luxury.We challenged our gemologists to reimagine the largest and most perfect blue diamond in existence. They came back with the magnificent Aspire Pendant, a lab-created beauty inspired by the $350 million original. Using the legendary gem as their guide, they carefully cut lab-created blue spinel to match the deep color, unique shape and geometric angles of the world famous stone. Thanks to advanced science, the clarity of our Aspire stone is superior to the original. When being called a “;jewel thief”; is a badge of honor.The custom-cut stone is brilliant cobalt blue lab-created spinel. Spinels are considered the greatest impostors in gemstone history. One of the most valuable gemstones in the world, the Black Prince in the British Crown Jewels, was only recently discovered to be a spinel. They are favored by jewelers because of their brilliance and hardness. The structure of spinel is similar to a diamond � they both have the same high symmetry ( 4/m bar 3 2/m) � but by carefully crafting it in a laboratory, experts have created a much cleaner version with zero flaws! Our update keeps the allure of the original and the magical hue that captivated Maharajahs, kings and millionaires on a 17″ (with a 2″ extender) rhodium finished sterling silver chian. The World’s Most Famous Diamond remains one of the world’s most unattainable treasures, but we’ve set the cost of our Aspire Pendant at an unbelievably attainable Stauer price!