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Pride of the Aztecs� Ancient Aztecs valued turquoise more than silver and gold. Why? Because the pale blue stone resembled both the ocean and the sky, and so represented man’s connection to the earth, to the gods and to each other. Turquoise was so important that only those in the upper echelons of the Aztec Empire, known as the pilli, could afford to wear it. Many of those pieces can be admired in some of the world’s finest museums… or you can wear one yourself. Our Templo Turquoise Pendant is inspired by the work of those ancient craftsmen, delivering the attention to detail and the pale blue perfection that the Aztec upper classes demanded. Artisans have carefully set a generous 15-carats of compressed turquoise into elegantly patterned gold-finished sterling silver to create the glorious pendant � that’s enough sky blue sweetness to make any Aztec aristocrat envious.