Tanzanite Lightning Ring & Earrings Set $129

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A bolt from the blue Tanzanite can only be found one place on earth � and supplies are about to run out! Millions of years ago, the world-renowned violet blue of the Tanzanite gemstone was created, in one place and one place only, by almost impossibly unique conditions. Ancient eruptions from Mount Kilimanjaro contained some of tanzanites raw materials that thundered downhill and settled in the foothills of the great mountain, in Tanzania, East Africa, where they mixed with a second set of raw materials to create the worlds only tanzanite deposit. It remained undiscovered until 1960, when a single lightning bolt set those foothills on fire, heating the earth and revealing the blue treasure buried below. The vivid violet-blue tanzanite stones in the Tanzanite Lightening Ring & Earrings Set comes from that very location, because tanzanite cannot be found anywhere else. Every stone is marquise cut � a style specially selected to emphasize color clarity. This set of rare stones weigh in at a luxurious total of 3-carats, all set in glorious sterling silver! The only problem with a stone thats found in just one location on earth is that once that supply is gone, its gone. A 2013 study suggests that day may be coming sooner than expected. Because of the rarity and ever-increasing popularity of tanzanite, the worlds supply may be exhausted within 30 years. So unless lightening strikes twice and reignites the supply of this incredibly rare gemstone, you need to strike while the tanzanites hot!