Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Toros $2.7

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Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Toros
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Manufacturer: Tabacos Baez Serie S.F.
Category: Tabacos Baez Serie S.F.
Retail Price: $2.7
Carefully constructed in an ample but not overwhelming 6 x 50 size the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Toro is a high-quality low-priced cigar expertly handmade in the famed My Father factory run by Don Pepín the big name behind some of the premium-cigar world’s best-loved boutique-style brands. And sure the S.F. stands for short filler …but we dare you not to enjoy this smoke.For sale one at a time with our convenient single-cigar purchase option the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Toro is created in the Cuban sandwich style which means its Nicaraguan filler blend includes top-quality tobacco leaf in both long and short varieties (and that leaf comes from the same tobacco plants cultivated for the factory’s pricier cigars). Surrounded by a flavorful Nicaraguan binder and finished with a flawless Nicaraguan EMS wrapper in a velvety-brown color the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Toro offers a medium-bodied strength profile and notes of coffee earth and spice from a draw and burn so smooth and consistent that you’d swear this Nicaraguan puro is 100% long-filler leaf.When you’re shopping online to buy a good-sized cigar take a look at the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Toro a low-cost smoke worthy of high praise.