Swiss Blue Marlin Watch $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Watches
Retail Price: $495
This is the watch that didnt get away Take advantage of SWISS watch inventory reduction on this sleek, sporty design! After weeks at sea, hed finally hooked an adversary worth his time. The fish was the largest hed ever seen, and that mighty first yank promised him an epic game of tug of war. For hours they toiled in the hot sun, each gaining ground, losing it, gaining it again. As the blue marlin fought back, the man couldnt help but fall under a kind of trance watching the majestic fish, its blue back giving way to flashes of its silver underbelly in the surf. Just as it seemed the marlin might finally surrender, the line snapped, throwing the man onto the deck of his boat. As he stood, the fish gave one last triumphant leap into the air before disappearing forever into the depths of the open sea. Defeat was humbling, but the man vowed to return. And he would not come alone. Next time, he would be wearing his Stauer Swiss Blue Marlin Dive Watch. An impressive timekeeping machine, imbued with impossibly good looks and a legendary Swiss movement. Sure, there wasnt much that a watch could do to help catch a 10-foot fish with a bad attitude, but watching its midnight blue face, stainless steel case and gold-finished accents shine in the sun would remind him that hes always been a man who gets what he wants.