Survivor: Season 22 - Redemption Island DVD $34.95

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Survivor: Redemption Island — From the onset, contestants learn of Redemption Island, a new component that added a new level of strategy to the competition. After being voted out by their respective tribe, castaways would be taken to a secluded area where theyd live on limited food, water and shelter. At Redemption Island, they would duel another recently voted out member for a chance to return to the game. In his fourth expedition, Rob Mariano became the Sole Survivor. The Survivor: Redemption Island six-disc set includes all 13 episodes and the reunion, plus the following bonus materials: Meet the Cast — An introduction to Survivors 22nd season contestants Exit Interviews – The extended exit interviews held immediately after contestants are voted off the tribe Early Show Interviews — Interview with this seasons winner Sizzle Reel — Highlights of cast members interviews and special insight TV Guide Network Special — With a behind-the-scenes look at the season. Ponderosa — Features the lives of the contestants after they are eliminated and sequestered Secret Deleted Scenes — On select episodes Tribal Council Voting — Footage of select contestants Additional Interviews — With select contestants.