Super Mario Kart Electronic Ride-On Kart $224.9900

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Super Mario Kart Electronic Ride-On Kart
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific
Category: Gifts > Licensed / Theme Gifts
You may want to set up a few Mario Kart ground rules for your kid when he rides this ride-on kart based on the video game. First off, avoid banana peels while driving it. We can’t tell you how many races have been lost in Toad Harbor because of a pesky banana peel tossed by Donkey Kong. Second, tossing turtle shells at other drivers is NOT okay in real life. The turtles don’t like it and it creates some serious safety problems. Lastly, dad can’t ride it. Despite how much fun this thing is, it’s a kids only kind of toy. (Sorry dad, you’re just going to have to pretend the minivan is the Mach 8 until they make a dad-sized one).