Sunfire Diamond Aura Ring $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Canary sings a beautiful tune It isn’t often you get to see a legendary yellow diamond like the Sun Drop in person. This fancy yellow canary diamond weighs a whopping 110.3 carats and was formed over two billion years ago. When it was sold at a Sotheby’s auction in 2011 it went for just over $12 million��a world record for a yellow diamond. The Sun Drop was certified by gemologists as “;fancy vivid yellow”;, the rarest and most desirable color for a yellow diamond. I can’t tell you who owns the Sun Drop Diamond now, but I can say it’s as staggering and splendid in real life as the stories go. It inspired me to get our lab boys to make a DiamondAura� on par with the vivid yellow of this most resplendent of canary yellow diamonds. Could we do it? Check out the Sunfire DiamondAura Set, and judge for yourself. The glimmer factor is so great that I may need to create a “;glimmer scale”; for the 3-carat ring alone. DiamondAura is the perfect canvas to achieve the perfect vivid yellow. Matching mined diamonds in the four jeweler specifications of color, cut, clarity and carat weight, we’ve leveraged the powers of science to create a marvel not only on par with mined diamonds but with more fire. You can do that when you have complete control over the process. We made this ring to bring you as close to seeing the renowned Sun Drop Diamond as possible, giving you a unique set at the unique price only DiamondAura can bring.