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Manufacturer: Stauer
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The experienced travelers best-kept secret Youll always have room for more with the new ultra-compact, super-lightweight expandable Stauer ZBag! Its a problem most of us dont even think about until the last minute and, until now, neither did I. When Im away from home on vacation or for work, Ive never before considered how to pack properly for the trip back home. My luggage can get jammed from all the gifts, souvenirs and bottles of wine Ive picked up without thinking, How am I going to get all this stuff home? Not to mention that somehow, all my dirty laundry takes up more room than it did when it was clean and folded. Youll never know in advance when you need a new bag. At the airport, youll shell out a couple of hundred for a bag you dont really want � so do something smart. Plan ahead, and take along our new compact and foldable travel bag: the Stauer ZBag. The Z stands for zipper, but it means so much more. Unzip the black pouch no bigger than a paperback book. Reach inside and like a magic trick, you turn a little package of black fabric into a sturdy duffel bag complete with carrying handles. Folded, its small enough and lightweight enough to carry in a jacket pocket or a purse. Open it, and youve got room for one or two days worth of wardrobe, theme park souvenirs and flip-flops. Our ZBag also comes with an attachable shoulder strap, so you can run to the loading gate and board right on time � no hassle. Carry on with your carry on! The ZBag is the painless way to always be prepared.