Stauer Venus Pearl Necklace $199

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
These are not your grandmothers pearls The Stauer Venus Collection takes a classic beauty and adds a modern twist This is no simple strand of pearls. Perfectly round white orbs knotted into an orderly straight line is a classic look. A fashion staple. But sometimes a girl just wants to stand out and make a statement. The Stauer Venus Collection is a stunning new twist on pearls for those who dare to do things differently. In the past, the cost of pearls was always so high because it was only by pure luck and persistence that enough pearls of the same shape and size could be found to form an entire necklace. But modern advances have transformed the process and given designers more creative freedom than ever before. Each of these organically cultured, elongated pearls was handpicked for their distinctive shape and superior luster. Paired with the warm glow of gold-finished links, they take a classic beauty to elegant new heights. Its not just the shape of these pearls that breaks the mold. Weve arranged our pearls in a unique cascading display, four fabulous layers that drape luxuriously across the chest. The pearls are connected by gold-finished, twisted links. Do you know a woman daring enough to wear them?