Stauer Strata Gold-finished Necklace $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Your link to Italian history Experience the magic of precious metal that feels and flows like the worlds most luxurious silk! In the 13th Century, Venetian traveler Marco Polo returned from the Orient with wild tales of adventure. His fantastic stories were put into a book that the Italians called Il Milione because it was said to contain a million lies. While some of Marco Polos amazing stories may have been make believe, the treasures that traveled the Silk Road were very real. This historic trade route created a link between Europe and Asia and gave rise to the richest civilizations on Earth. Today you can wear a unique necklace that links you directly to that luxurious past. The Stauer Strata Gold-finished Necklace continues a long tradition of fine Italian craftsmanship. Inspired by the luxurious fabrics traded along the Silk Road, the Italian goldsmiths behind this yellow gold necklace used centuries of metalsmithing tradition to craft delicate links of gold feel more like woven silk. Weve never seen a necklace with such fluid elegance. The links are so smooth and light they are like liquid metal that caresses the skin. Yes, it sounds like another of Marco Polos unbelievable tales, but the Italian-crafted Strata Necklace is as real as it is remarkable. Each graceful, elongated loop joins with another to make a 39″ chain. You can also choose the shimmering .925 sterling silver links or matching necklace finished in warm rose gold. Wear one or indulge your senses with all three.