Stauer Speedway Watch $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Watches
Retail Price: $199
Gentlemen… start your engines! Buckle up the Speedway Watch and fulfill your daily need for speed. You’ve waited all day for this stretch of open road. So you step on the gas pedal and sink back into your seat. The rush of air takes your breath away. The world flashes by in a blur. For a few precious seconds, you are transported to the final stretch of Le Mans, racing rim-to-rim with the best drivers in the fastest four-wheeled machines in the world. Maybe you can’t always experience the exhilaration of going 200 miles per hour in a $500,000 car, but you CAN keep that racing dream as close as your wrist with the Stauer Speedway Watch. Originally $199, this precision-designed, performance time machine can be all yours today for this exclusive Stauer price! Inspired by the dashboard instruments of high-performance racing cars, the Speedway sports a pair of racing stripes down the dial and two-tone nylon band. With three sub dials and a tough case, you’ll be ready to roll wherever the road takes you!