Stauer Rose Gold-Finished Monaco Watch & Flyboy Optics Sunglasses $179

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Watches
Retail Price: $395
A FREE car with every watch? I love watches. But many Swiss models cost more than my new car. So we decided to replicate the movement of a $26,000 Swiss automatic but sell it to you for a fraction of the cost. You end up with thousands in change… enough to buy a brand new sedan or SUV. Is their watch really worth $26,000? We don’t believe that any watch is. That’s the point. So how did we build such a fine machine for such a low price? We saved you a fortune by moving production across the border and out of Switzerland. We hired Swiss-trained engineers to manage the production. We even purchased Swiss calibrators to ensure accuracy. But we avoided the high taxes and high marketing costs in Switzerland. The Stauer Rose Gold-Finished Monaco features an exquisite automatic movement powered by your body’s motion so it never needs batteries. The interior workings have over 185 parts assembled by hand. Twenty-seven rubies act to minimize the friction on the gears and rotors so the movement maintains incredible accuracy.