Stauer Quartermain Men's Watch $299

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
How to steal a watch from the toughest men alive They invited me into their secret headquarters and turned their backs for an instant… The room smelled like history. Pipe smoke and old leather. Snifters of scotch and a smoldering fireplace. All mixed with a faint must from centuries of damp London days. I remember breathing it in and thinking, this is how it smells in heaven. I found myself in the library. Its walls were crowded with horned trophies that stared back with black eyes. Grand cabinets full of artifacts stood like shrines to decades of adventure. Faded photographs. Tribal masks. Ceremonial swords. But still, in that room of odd and fantastic objects, wouldn’t you know it was the clocks that caught my eye. Each told the time in some remote part of the world. One in particular caught my eye. “That’s the Quartermain clock,” my host said. “It tells the time in Northern Zimbabwe.” You can set the Stauer Quartermain Watch for whatever time zone your next adventure finds you in. Inspired by that historic clock face, our watch boasts vintage details framed in a handsome, brushed rose gold-finished case. Consider it your unofficial membership card for the historic, members-only club. In its heyday, the club was a haven for Britain’s great adventurers, a place where they could reunite to tell wild stories and compare scars. Today it stands as a museum of unapologetic manhood. And I’m big enough to admit that I wanted to stay there forever. I cant, of course, but at least every time I glance at this watch, I have something in common with the toughest men alive.