Stauer Mataro Tote $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
Plenty of room and style to spare Our new Mataro Tote combines practical design and impeccable style You can tell a lot about a woman by venturing a peek inside her handbag. Sunglasses and smartphone. Matchbooks from her favorite restaurants. Plane ticket stubs from recent adventures. Lipstick in at least three different shades and a to-do list thirty items long. Today, bags are more than fashion statements… they’re stylish survival kits. It’s easy to get carried away with what you carry around and there’s a fine line between luxury accessory and luggage. Thankfully, we found the sweet spot. The Stauer Mataro is a sophisticated combination of practical utility and classic glamor. An eye-catching mix of durable… and adorable. The Mataro is a carry-all tote designed for the savvy woman of refined tastes. Its rich exterior, made with a classic crocodile pattern gleams with an aura of sophistication. The bag is equipped with zipper pockets on the back of the exterior and inside, along with handy interior sleeves to hold a mobile phone and a lady’s accessories. Bags like this can go for thousands of dollars, but the Stauer woman knows better � why wear your money on your arm when you can keep your cash in your wallet and still make your friends jealous? And like the French grape that inspired its name, with its rich color and exquisite taste, this bag will only get better with age.