Stauer Luxury Black Polo $39

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Stauer Luxury Black Polo - W6948
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $149
Not all men’s shirts are created equal Try the 100% cotton pique Stauer Polo today The Stauer Polo is designed to be the go-to shirt in every man’s wardrobe. Our inspiration was the classic polo, an all-cotton, collared short sleeve style that was actually born on the tennis courts. The French champion who introduced the design in 1929 wanted something more comfortable than the standard long-sleeve button up. His creation gave athletes a cooler shirt with more ease of movement, while still maintaining some of the old uniform’s formality. Why make our own shirts? Because we can. Our luxury dealings around the world put us in contact with some of the finest craftspeople on the planet. It seemed only natural to work with them in creating the ultimate men’s shirt. Search the designer brands online and you’ll find that they’re happy to charge you $350 dollars for a short-sleeved collared shirt. Ridiculous? We thought so. That’s why we wanted to start from scratch to create a sturdy, classic shirt that’s designed for real life. Each Stauer Polo is 100% pique cotton and built to get more comfortable the more you wear it. Our intrepid blacksmith logo is stitched on the front, representing our continuing passion for things well made. And you’ll find our name on the sleeve, distinguishing you as a man of impeccable taste.