Stauer Kensington Mens Watch $99

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Stauer Kensington Mens Watch - 21198
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $399
How to tell time with a British accent Fancy a brand new watch with vintage gentleman’s appeal? The Stauer Kensington is a cracking good watch for a bloody great price! I don’t always understand the British. They drive on the wrong side of the road. Their version of football doesn’t include a halftime show. And they insist on calling French fries “chips.” But the one thing that the British have always done well is watchmaking. They were the undisputed masters of crafting time for centuries and lost their title only after refusing to change the way they worked. While Switzerland and America embraced the machine age, the British preferred slow and steady. By hand. One watch at a time. And that stubbornness paid off. Finely-crafted British watches are irresistible to serious collectors. That’s why I love nothing more than exploring the tiny watch shops of London. I never know what I’ll find or when. The Stauer Kensington is based on a black-dialed beauty I spotted in the crowded display case of a vintage watch shop on Kensington High Street. I was running late for a flight home, so my decision came quick. The shop owner couldn’t remember exactly where it came from, but it was clear that the watch had been someone’s faithful companion. It had the scuffs and scratches of a world traveler. I felt the face that striking wasn’t for retirement just yet. I brought it along for one more hop across the Atlantic, so that it could have a second chance…on your wrist! Stauer designers have recreated the original watch’s bold dark face and oversized numerals and added a trio of complications including a day, date and 24-hour dial. The dial is protected by a stainless steel case and a sturdy disc of Cotswold´┐Ż Crystal. The Kensington features an extra wide stainless steel bracelet that secures with an integrated butterfly clasp. Inside, this watch keeps impeccable time with a precision quartz movement and is water-resistant to 3ATMs. If you’ve been searching for the perfect traveling companion, look no further!