Stauer I V A Meteorite Mens Ring $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Ring collides with Earth! Bring home a piece of rare and important extraterrestrial treasure with the Stauer IVA Meteorite Ring! One million years ago, Earth welcomed a visitor from beyond the stars. It came screaming out of the sky and rattled mountains when it hit. It sat quiet through four Ice Ages, waiting to be discovered. In 1906, humans made contact and the result was more extraordinary than anyone could imagine…. If youve ever stared up at the night sky and wondered what was out there, wonder no more. The Stauer IVA Meteorite Ring brings a piece of the universe to you. Inside the stainless steel band youll find a genuine fragment of the oldest meteorite known to man, an authentic souvenir of a lost alien world. This is not science fiction. First discovered by Scandinavian villagers, the meteorite was a revelation to experts all over the world. Named for a nearby river, the historic Muonionalusta was studied for decades. The fine octahedrite, type IVA meteorite is composed of exceptionally rare minerals transformed by high heat and bombarded by cosmic rays. The spectacular crisscrossed pattern comes from its extraterrestrial crystal structure that simply doesnt exist anywhere on Earth. Scientists were shocked to find a host of otherworldly minerals with mysterious names like daubr�elite, schreibersite, akagan�ite and troilite. Fused and transformed by the intense heat and cosmic rays of interstellar travel, the exotic material in this ring can never be mined or manufactured. The last few pieces that sit buried in the frozen Scandinavian ground is all that remains on our planet. Shaped and set by jewelry experts, each oval of gleaming brilliance is a work of art from another world. No two rings are exactly alike. Markings and patterns will vary. Authenticity is guaranteed!