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How to dress like an heiress without spending like one In 1874, American heiress Jeanette Jerome changed the course of history when she wed into the British aristocracy. The Brooklyn-born beauty’s marriage to Lord Randolph Churchill was a transatlantic sensation, and suddenly scores of exuberant young American heiresses were crossing the pond to fall into the arms of eligible European bachelors. Perhaps more importantly, Lady Churchill’s first son with Lord Randolph was a stubborn young man named Winston, who persuaded an entire nation to stand up to Nazi Germany during World War II. But none of that could have happened if Lady Churchill hadn’t known how to dress for parties. This bold young American heiress was initially unwelcome with some of the snooty, old-school British aristocrats and so Lady Churchill was careful to walk the very fine line between reserved Victorian values and her irrepressible American free spirit. The Stauer Heiress double-strand necklace, featuring tastefully sculpted glass beads in shades of green, pays tribute to Lady Churchill’s history-altering balancing act � demure but just a little daring, sophisticated with just a suggestion of sexy, finery with just enough flash. Best of all, you won’t need a gigantic inheritance to acquire the Stauer Heiress necklace. We’re making the aristocratic look available, on this side of the Atlantic only, for this exclusive price. We can’t guarantee you’ll meet an eligible British bachelor or change the course of history, but we can promise that, if you follow Lady Churchill’s lead, you’ll be perfectly dressed for any party, no matter how many dukes and duchesses are in attendance.