Stauer Gold-Finished Verit Watch $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Watches
Retail Price: $599
We have nothing to hide What does time really look like? I was peering over the shoulder of one of our master watchmakers when I found my answer. He assembled every tiny spring, gear and component with the steady hand of a surgeon. When his creation finally came to life, more than 130 precision parts worked in harmony to count the seconds. And I wondered, “If the true essence of time is hidden inside this meticulous mechanical symphony, then why cover it up?” The Stauer Gold-Finished Verit� (French for “truth”) gives you an unobstructed window into the inner workings of time itself. Since many of our most popular timepieces feature open case backs, it seemed clear that our clients appreciated transparency. It was time to take it all off. It was time to lose face. Without the traditional opaque dial, the Verit� gives you a clear, front-to-back view of the expertly-crafted time machine inside. No part of the miniature masterpiece is obscured. You see every second pass with gear clicks and the hummingbird flutter of the balance wheel. Unlike traditional skeletons, the rare design of the Verit� condenses the entire watchworks into a much smaller area. The Verit� fits a classic manual movement into an elegant golden-hued “bridge.” Because such precision requires a watchmaker of exceptional skill, similar luxury-brand designs can sell for as much as $20,000. Today we can offer you this outstanding work of mechanical art at our exclusive Stauer price! Inside, two blue hands mark time along Roman numerals that float on a clear dial inside the gold-finished case. Wheels and screws glisten in metallic blue, silver and gold colors, balanced by 17 shimmering jewels. The Gold-Finished Verit� secures with a genuine brown leather strap and is water-resistant to 3 ATM. Fits wrists 6 �”-8 �”.