Stauer Gentlemans 40 $59

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Stauer Gentlemans 40
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $99
This is how to walk the walk The must-have men’s accessory once carried by kings, presidents, barons and billionaires is back and can be yours for this EXCLUSIVE price! They call walking the “;perfect exercise.”; It gets your heart pumping, clears your head and fills your lungs with fresh air. Not bad, but we found a way to make it even better. Before you take your next 10,000 steps, add a little strut to your stroll. Take the Stauer Gentleman’s 40″ Walking Stick anywhere and I promise that you’ll feel like a conquering hero. Heads will turn. Doors will open. Its powers will astound you. What’s the secret? Pure class. Our Stauer Gentleman’s Walking Stick is a tip of the top hat to turn-of-the-century tradition. Today, serious collectors gladly pay thousands for rare and handcrafted sticks from the 19th century. But only Stauer can deliver a 40″ modern version of this vintage classic � that looks and feels as good as the original. Sticks that make a statement. For centuries, no respectable man was seen in public without a walking stick by his side. They were as indispensable as a fine tailored suit or fancy moustache. Well-heeled men “;wore”; them as symbols of power and prestige, using elaborately decorated staffs to help navigate trails, dispatch opponents or conceal gadgets and contraband. Simply put, they were the must-have accessory for any sharp-dressed man on the move. The ultimate travel companion. Hold it once and you can feel that it’s not some hollow imitation. Our Gentleman’s Walking Stick is crafted from a 40″ solid shaft of imported Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) and finished with layers of black lacquer. The rounded, knob-style head has serious weight and the silver-finished brass features an elegant engraved design that adds flair while improving your grip. And a black rubber tip steadies your stance on all sorts of surfaces from dirt and asphalt walkways to marble floors and Persian rugs.