Stauer Explorer II Watch $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Meet the new “;King of the Jungle”; No matter where life’s next journey leads you, the Stauer Explorer II Watch will help make every second count! It was more than a watch, it was a promise. The adventurer spent most of the 1900s mapping new territory in South America and searching the rainforests for a fabled lost city. Each time he left to explore the jungles, he would give his only son a wristwatch, identical to his own. “;Wear it every day,”; he would say, “;and so long as the watch is ticking, you’ll know I’m safe and I’m on my way back to you.”; That’s how much faith he had in the watch, and in his own survival skills. The 10-year-old boy would proudly wear the watch as a constant reminder, and each time his father returned, having survived hostile locals, jaguars, and the ever-present threat of the endless jungle, they would compare watches to make sure both were still ticking. They always were. The Stauer Explorer II Watch was created in the spirit of that story, in the spirit of a father’s promise to his son. The only difference is that, thanks to advances in technology in the intervening 100 years, the Stauer Explorer II keeps even better time. This nod to the family legend proudly boasts a glorious gold-finished case and a stainless steel caseback as sturdy as the old adventurer himself. The Explorer II looks like an early 20th-century classic, but keeps time with the accuracy that only the technology of a 21st-century precision movement can deliver. The old explorer demanded only the finest equipment, and I’m happy to pay tribute to him with the Stauer Explorer II.