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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $399
The cosmos in a test tube Grab hold of the Stauer Celestial Necklace, with a generous FIVE carat scientifically-grown Scienza� Sapphire. Nothing is ever out of reach. That shimmering light in the night sky coming from eight billion years away? You can make her eyes shine just as brightly when you present her with her very own star. The legendary star sapphires, those rare and beautiful blue stones where light forms a stunning six point star on the surface, may cost as much as a trip to outer space, but the glow of a star sapphire doesn’t have to exceed your grasp. And you won’t need to join NASA or learn astrophysics to do pull this off, but it does involve some impressive, cutting edge science. The stone at the center of the Stauer Celestial Necklace is a lab-created star sapphire, made using the latest gemological techniques. Our heavenly blue gemstone isn’t just identical to natural star Sapphires � it’s actually superior. A mined star sapphire is not only astronomically expensive; it also features inevitable imperfections and inclusions, as well as faults in the star itself. But, thanks to the intricate precision of our advanced techniques, our lab-created star sapphire is both affordable and completely flawless, so that deep blue color remains clear and untainted, with the star displaying clearly and brightly. Stauer brings this out of this world stone within reach. But what good is a star unless it’s orbited by something beautiful? Our lab-created star sapphire is surrounded by a twinkling solar system of white DiamondAura� rounds � the most elegant orbit imaginable. If she’s your guiding light, the center of your universe, then let her know it with the Stauer Celestial Necklace.