Stauer Apollo Traveler Black Aluminum Wallet $29

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $79
This wallet is ready for takeoff The Apollo missions stand today as a testament to the achievement of man. Going to the moon was a herculean feat, and it embodied the ingenuity, curiosity and bravery of our species. Within just seven years of Kennedys pledge to go to the moon, wed done it � and it couldnt have happened without aluminum. The metals durability and low weight made it the perfect material to send into space, and the Apollo astronauts trusted it with their lives when they re-entered into the Earths atmosphere. Stauer takes that same pioneering spirit one small step further with the Apollo Traveler, a revolutionary aluminum wallet that can take the heat. This wallet is virtually indestructible, and its lightweight composition makes it a comfortable fit for your pocket. With its accordion card keeper and sleek metallic black design, the Apollo Traveler is the epitome of efficiency. And the wallets resistance to corrosion ensures that like Apollo command modules in museums across the globe, it will still be here for generations to come. Why settle for leather when you can have Apollo as your wingman?