Stauer Adventure Vest $59

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Stauer Adventure Vest - W7244
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $99
An invitation to adventure When the great outdoors calls, make sure you have the Stauer Adventure Vest in your wardrobe. When you hear the call of the wild, you’d better be appropriately attired. Black tie may be optional at cocktail parties, but nature is not as forgiving. Whether you’re going fishing, hiking, hunting or biking, nature is known to throw everything she’s got at you and then some. Being ready for the adventure is all about preparation. You need maps, a compass, snacks, your phone, your fishing flies or lures and plenty more besides and you need somewhere to put it all. You need clothing and equipment that’s built to last and is ready to go into any outdoor scenario. The Stauer Adventure Vest ensures you’re prepared for the great outdoors. The Adventure Vest is made of a specially selected micro-suede material, designed to be warm but lightweight, and water-resistant in case the heavens open. The khaki colored exterior features a total of 12 pockets, including two deep vertical zip pockets aligned with the core of your torso for quick access, and one large horizontal zip pocket across your back � perfect for valuables. And that’s just the outside. When you reverse the Adventure Vest, you get a bonus fluorescent orange vest with high-visibility stripes and two additional zip pockets, so you’ll be fishing, hiking, hunting or biking long after the sun goes down. If you go angling for a reversible vest like this in a retail store then you’ll almost certainly find one, but you’ll almost certainly have to pay an inflated price. We reduce the price of our vest through focusing on the product � there’s no middleman taking a cut and no bricks-and-mortar store to maintain, so we can sell the reversible Stauer Adventure Vest at this exclusive low price. Order now and it won’t be long before the great outdoors starts calling you. When it does, you’ll already have the perfect thing to wear.