Stauer 1945 L man Mens Timepiece $129

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $129
Make up for lost time Stauer has finally revived the 1945 Swiss timepiece considered one of the rarest watches in the world Ive only seen two watches like this in my life. One was on my grandfathers wrist. The other was at a luxury collectibles auction in London. Unfortunately both of them disappeared. My grandfathers was lost on a train somewhere between Chicago and New York. The other fetched thousands and vanished into a private collection. I realized that the only way Id ever see one again is if I made it myself. Our 1945 L�man Timepiece is inspired by a classic from the most famous of vintage Swiss watchmakers. Advanced technology makes it even more accurate than the original, without losing any of its signature style. Holding the finished product makes me wish I could share it with my grandfather. The wristwatch that started it all. His father gave it to him as a gift for being the first person in the family to graduate from college. Throughout my childhood, whenever I asked him to see it, hed show it off like a proud parent. I loved that watch almost as much as he did. And so when he lost it, I think I was the only one who understood how much it hurt. Reconstructing the past. It was only once I got into this business that I fully grasped the true value of such a rare timepiece. Ive been working for the last 20 years trying to recreate a worthy replacement for his missing masterpiece. Just like the 1945 original, the L�man has been given a distinctive square case marked with simple indicators. The face is rich with vintage detail, including a serpentine hand to mark the date and a distinctive moonphase display. With the introduction of our L�man, Im finally making up for lost time.