Starfire Platinum-finished Berzelian Ring $595

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Starfire Platinum-finished Berzelian Ring - W6461
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Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $1195
Blue fire from beyond the stars. Inspired by gems from beyond our galaxy, Berzelian� was made for a love much rarer than diamonds. Imagine a crystal-clear gem that shines with more fire than a flawless white diamond� a gem harder than rubies and sapphires… a gem 1,000 times rarer than any precious jewel found on Earth. Now you can imagine Berzelian�. Berzelian� was originally discovered in 1893, in a 50,000-yearold meteorite crater in the Arizona desert. The crystals were few, but were absolutely stunning, and they were initially mistaken for diamonds from outside our solar system. �Since then, Berzelian has also been found in its natural form in the mantle of the Earth… yet its extreme scarcity makes it all but pointless to attempt mining. Now, after decades of research, gemologists have finally recreated the rare, extraterrestrial stone for the jewelry market. You could spend as much as $12,000 for a diamond of similar color, clarity and quality, and it would still be visually inferior to Berzelian! Our dazzling Starfire Berzelian Collection is sure to impress with its otherworldly brilliance. The Starfire Ring is .925 sterling silver finished in platinum, set with three rounds: two white Berzelians accompanying a unique blue Berzelian, for a total of 2-carats.