Star Wars Movie Poster Web Belt $12.9900

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Star Wars Movie Poster Web Belt
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Manufacturer: Buckle-Down
Category: Gifts > Licensed / Theme Gifts > Star Wars Gifts > Star Wars Clothing > Star wars Accessories > Star Wars Belts & Buckles
It’s like 1977 all over again. You wake up and know that today is the big day. You are going to see Star Wars in the movie theater! The first step to getting to the theater though, is going to be putting on pants, and since you haven’t seen the movie yet, you just wear a regular belt. Little did you know your life was about to change forever, and now all of these years later, you never have to wear your pants the same way again. This belt has all of the styling cues of the original theatrical poster, and when you wear it you can rest assured that you have Luke, Han, Leia, and even Darth Vader guarding your waistline. It’s the perfect way to show that you are an old school Star Wars fan, or that you just like a little Star Wars style in your everyday wardrobe!