Spring Pink Sapphire Bracelet $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Celebration of Spring Drape yourself in 45-carats of precious pink sapphire Late last March, I went to meet a Delhi gem dealer inside his gated compound, where he laid out an array of nearly transparent colored gems. Impressive as they were, the pricey stones he was directing me toward were cold, passionless. My eye was drawn to the deeper, more colorful, more vibrant pink sapphires. I’d been inspired by the Holi festival, the annual Indian celebration of spring which symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Everywhere there were baskets of vivid colored powders for sale in the streets. During Holi, people young and old cover themselves in this powder and celebrate all night. I’d finally found gems to capture that energy. Our Spring Sapphire Bracelet showcases 45-carats of colorful, natural pink Indian sapphire. The rough sapphire stones have been transformed � tumbled smooth � into a string of vivacious ovals that embodies the irrepressible energy of the Holi festival. Add the necklace and earrings to complete the set, crafted from those same genuine pink sapphires. The spirit of Holi is alive and well!