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Light at the end of the tunnel Order today and well donate 25% from the sales of every necklace to the American Cancer Society. It’s the universal symbol of strength, courage and unwavering support. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. But Ive always found that the worst of times brings out the best in all of us. The day Carol got her cancer diagnosis, she began the fight for her life. And her daughters were right there with her. They shuttled her to appointments, cooked meals, and generally took care of things so their mother could focus on treatment. One year later, Carol is in remission and continues to fight. But these days, that fight isnt for herself, its for everybody else. Because while shes in the clear, there are millions of others who arent. They struggle through treatment and the overwhelming rollercoaster of good days, bad days and worse. These women are wives, mothers and daughters who need our united and unconditional support. Its easy to feel helpless and hopeless. Its harder to do something. But doing something�anything�is what makes a difference. Carol told me once that it was the small things that made the biggest impact. Unexpected visitors. Homemade desserts. Even the occasional glimpse of a tiny pink ribbon that showed her that she was not alone in this fight. Its powerful knowing that other people, even strangers, are pulling for you, said Carol. It doesnt seem like a big deal, but thats the kind of encouragement that turns victims into survivors. We all know and love people who are faced with the fight of their lives. Were offering the Solidarity Pink Ribbon Necklace as a way to show them that were all on the same team. The beautiful .925 sterling silver and sparkling pink, lab-created DiamondAura� pendant is a simple symbol of strength and courage. Order it today and well donate 25% from the sales of every necklace to the American Cancer Society. Wear it proudly knowing that you were one of those who took action. The Solidarity Pink Ribbon Necklace sends a clear message to the world that love is not a luxury… hope is stronger than fear… and surrender is simply not an option. For additional information about the work being done by the American Cancer Society, click here!