Soire Microset DiamondAura Earrings $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Earrings
Retail Price: $399
Leave no stone unturned For her, “;everything in its right place”; is the definition of perfection. She adores the details. When it comes to setting a table for formal affairs, there is never a dessert spoon or candelabra out of place. Proper spacing is a science. She’s even found a way to polish silver so it sparkles brighter than diamonds. Yes, the woman has meticulousness down to an art form. But sometimes she spends so much time on everything else, she runs out of time to make herself shine. I took it upon myself to call for reinforcements. Our Soire´┐Ż Microset Earrings are their own masterpiece of careful planning and elegant arrangement. Skilled jewelers set each tiny brilliant stone on these earrings with the patience of a surgeon and the aid of a powerful microscope. Round by round they set a shimmering table of black and white facets that adds sophistication to any outfit.