Smoky Quartz Destinite Bracelet $59

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $59
History of the future Queens dont like surprises. Thats why Elizabeth I enlisted the psychic services of John Dee. As the “official unofficial” court astrologist, Dee provided Her Majesty with regular divination, soothsaying and as much of the future as he could foresee inside his magical smoky sphere. Our Destinite Bracelet is crafted from the very same material that the Queen believed could channel otherworldly energy. Ancient mystics once crafted this gem into crystal balls and shew stones that “scryers” used to see the future. Today, this band of seductively smooth Destinite is ready to work its magic on you. Full disclosure? We cant make any promises about this bracelet’s ability to predict tomorrows lottery numbers. But we can guarantee that once you wear Destinite, youll experience a supernatural sense of style. Each of the smoky lozenges links together on an elegant 7 ½” bracelet, that fastens with a .925 sterling silver clasp. The shape and coloring of every gemstone is unique, making no two bracelets exactly alike. Fate has never looked so tempting.